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Spartan IG Updates

03 Jan Spartan IG Updates

Before and After photo of @rikksvalles almost exactly a year ago, except now, he's 18kgs LIGHTER with a stronger performing and looking physique. Enrique is also one of our most dedicated morning class attendee and has gotten hooked on the results of bodyweight training. We are reposting his photo because a New Year coupled with the same dedication will get him even more shredded. No doubt about that. And guess what? There's no secret. Just gotta give Sparta Calisthenics Academy a GO. 126 Pioneer St. Mandaluyong. 🏻#letthegainsbegin #thisisspartaph #spartacalisthenicsacademy #2017 #nyresolution #bodyweight #calisthenics #shredded
Spartan IG Updates
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