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About This Project



360PRO is a specialized training facility for athletes, teams and individuals, both recreational and professional. Programs offered at 360PRO are goal and sport-specific personalized training which will help you reach your fitness goals faster.


Please see an overview of 360PRO’s athletic training pillars:


Pillar 1 PROMOTE – activation of muscles and mobility of joints.
Pillar 2 PROPEL – developing athletic power and increasing explosiveness which are needed in almost all sports.
Pillar 3 PROTECT – functional strengthening exercises to protect the body from injuries.
Pillar 4 PROLONG – increasing energy systems’ capacities to take exercises at a high level, and longer period of time.
Pillar 5 PROGRESS – cool down phase where recovery begins and we can progress to the next level.


What makes this system unique is that our sports science and certified coaches from the best schools shall incorporate all 5 zones into every workout to ensure all aspects of your fitness performance are covered. Other programs to be offered are nutrition counseling, sports psychology counseling and other special population programs.


For more information, you can contact 360PRO at 0917-657-5202 or 656-6068. Or visit our website at