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Filipino Martial Arts

17 Nov Filipino Martial Arts

Filipino Martial Arts


“Rapido Realismo Kali International Association Inc. is a Filipino blade-oriented combat martial arts system founded by Punong Guro Henry Espera that aims to preserve, promote and propagate our national sport and martial art, Filipino Martial Arts, also known as arnis/kali/eskrima.

Take part in our vision of sharing and preserving both the “martial” and the “art” aspect of FMA and showcasing the Filipino values and effectiveness of FMA in Practical Personal Protection and Self-defense.

It consist of both non-sports Kali (Weaponry) and Sabakan (hand to hand):

  1. Kali/Arnis: One and Two Swords/Stick, One and Two Knife, One and Two Palm Stick, Tungkod.
  2. Sabakan: Filipino Dirty Boxing, Low Line Kicking, Trapping, Body Weight Takedown, Filipino Modified Grappling.

Learn to apply FMA principles for street-effective, combative survival.
Train using a realistic approach and rigorous training environment to prepare yourself for the reality of an actual attack and prepare yourself physically and most importantly, mentally as well. It is designed to develop a person’s natural reaction to fear and other negative stimuli to become protective and eventually, through operant conditioning achieved through proper training, honing it from a primal response into a tactical response. Proper understanding and respect of fear and its effects enable practitioners to enact sound life-saving responses.

It is our goal to train smart students who will live up to become good, upright and law abiding citizens of our beloved country who have the ability to keep themselves from harm, primarily in a pro-active manner i.e. – enforcement of preventive measures and the practice of situational awareness and proper situational analysis and, as a measure of last resort, through active and reactive methods based on sound combat physiology and psychology principles should the need arise.”

Tues/Thurs 8:30-10pm
Saturday 8am-9:30



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