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14 Jan Spartan IG Updates

Happening TODAY!!!! Get a chance to win a trip to Barcelona and watch FCB by kicking a soccer ball into a makeshift washing machine ️ Promo mechanics are on Beko Philippines' FB page 🤓 Check it out !!! #Beko #BekoPhilippines #KickoffChallenge - from Instagram...

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11 Jan Spartan IG Updates

Aldrich and Clarence have been training at Sparta Calisthenics Academy for almost a year now and the difference is evident not only with their physique but also with their overall aura and confidence! Make training with your friends fun and competitive with calisthenics and change your lifestyle too! #2017 #calisthenics #ThisIsSpartaPH #webreedchampions #sthenos #kalos - from Instagram...

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