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12 Feb Strong and sexy bodies like these can be achieved using only bodyweight exercisesDevelop a super lean and super ripped physique at the Sparta Calisthenics Academy!!! Results GUARANTEED! 🏻Located at 126 Pioneer Street Mandaluyong. RATES:Group Classes with Coach:KALOS (SPARTAN AESTHETICS)2000/month unlimitedSTHENOS (SPARTAN STRENGTH)3000/month unlimitedKALOS+STHENOS 4000/month unlimitedKALOS+STHENOS+OPEN GYM5000/month unlimited10 GROUP CLASS PACKAGE 1500/10 SessionsOther packages: PERSONAL TRAINING800/sessionWALK IN GROUP CLASS500/sessionWALK IN OPEN GYM200/dayTo enroll or to get the schedule of classes: call/text 09777634402 or message us on Facebook. #thisisspartaph #spartanresolution #spartacalisthenicsacademy #fitness #strength #sexy #lean #ripped

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