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29 Sep "Before: I got scared to know my cholesterol and uric acid were dangerously high in January this year. My annual physical exam report in March gave a chilling effect so I knew I should find a way to take care of myself. This included reviewing exercise and nutrition. It is very expensive and emotionally taxing to get sick.After: I just had to do what needs to be done – push myself, revise my macronutritient combos, supplement if needed, and have fun with the bars and the Sparta community. It was a good lesson in trusting myself that I have a better version of me. I just want to live a good life — this is my only motivation." -JP Villanueva, Manager at a Consulting Firm JP got his results by taking Sthenos or Spartan Strength classes at least 3x a week combined with discipline with his nutrition. If you're looking for similar results, Sthenos classes are Monday to Friday 6am, 6pm and 8pm and Saturdays 10am, 3pm and 5pm. Start your calisthenics journey today!🏻🤓🏻 09777634402/6553799, 126 Pioneer St Mandaluyong #calisthenics #bodyweight #SpartaCalisthenicsAcademy #ThisIsSpartaPH #kalos #sthenos

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