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News & Updates

24 Jan Awesome Saturday for these guys who took both Spartan Aesthetics (Kalos) and Spartan Strength (Sthenos) classes in the Sparta Calisthenics Academy. 🏻 Not everyone was born strong, but everyone can become a warrior!!!!!!😎🏻Rates : Kalos (Spartan Aesthetics) P2000/month unlimited Sthenos (Spartan Strength) P3000/ month unlimited Kalos + Sthenos P4000/month unlimited Kalos + Sthenos + Unlimited Open GymP5000/ month Open Gym P200/dayPersonal Training P800/sessionGroup class walk inP500/classCall 09777634402/6553799 or message us on fb for more information on our classes. #Gotabs #thisisspartaph #spartanresolution

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