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News & Updates

17 Nov Capoeira (Kadara)

CAPOEIRA (Kadara) Capoeira is a unique Afro Brazilian martial art that incorporates both attack and defensive moves, acrobatics, music, dance, and graceful fluid movements. Capoeira improves general strength, flexibility, coordination, cardiovascular endurance, balance, and overall health and fitness. As Mestre Cicatriz puts it “Capoeira is not just a sport, it is an art form, a culture and an educational activity”. In many Brazilian schools it is a...

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17 Nov Karate (Shotokan)

KARATE (Shotokan) Karate is a very disciplined martial art and quite demanding physically and intellectually. The instructors here teach and practice Shotokan Karate. This is the ancient japanese martial art developed to defend oneself without weapons. Karate-do translates into the way of the empty hand. There was a time when the daimyo in Okinawa got paranoid and ordered that there be no weapons of any form...

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17 Nov Fluid Tactics

FLUID TACTICS   Fluid Tactics is a martial art that focuses its pupils on close ranged and reaction based training. It was developed in 2010 and its premise is for self-preservation and fluidity of motion. It involves various disciplines and philosophies that create a harmony with the pupil. It makes sure that the pupil himself/herself is the weapon but we incorporate tools like bare hand fluid motions,...

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