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About Us


SPARTA is a one-stop sports, lifestyle and wellness center built for the highly competitive athlete. It is destined to become the most influential one-stop sports facility in the Philippines through it’s centralized location, expert trainers and programs developed for those who aim to dominate the competition.


SPARTA’s law is to develop individuals into the best versions of themselves and transform the quality of their lives through fitness and active living. Our passion for this mission has inspired us to develop several facilities (including the first ever FIFA 1-Star, seven-a-side soccer pitch in The Philippines) that will forge intense strength and character building in only ways that SPARTA can.

Brand Values

Fearlessness – When you step into SPARTA, you overcome your own limitations through constant practice and focused training that challenge you beyond your own limits. Spartans never retreat from a challenge and never surrender until they have conquered them.

Respect and Honor – A Spartan respects his field of battle as well as his chosen sport even as he tries to conquer his limitations during training. By honing his abilities in the arena, a Spartan honors his body– making himself fit to face challenges both in and out of the arena.

Excellence– There is no compromise to excellence. Spartans laugh at the face of mediocrity. Hardwork, dedication, and passion have made the SPARTA management and staff experts in their respective fields—no one is better equipped to forge unstoppable athletes.


Our field features the first ever FIFA 1-star, 7-a-side soccer pitch in the Philippines. It is a 50x24.5m playing arena that will also accommodate other sports like Ultimate Frisbee, Flag Football,etc. whilst simulating a “natural grass” feel. We believe in incorporating quality facilities in SPARTA in order to enhance athletic performance.


SPARTA also houses SPARTA Calisthenics Academy, the first world-class indoor calisthenics facility in the country, ELAN Ballet and Pilates Studio, ELORDE Kapitolyo, Maximus Athlete's Shop Cafe, Cardia Olympia Sports Performance and Recovery Clinic and Gandiva Archery!


SPARTA is located on Pioneer Street, Mandaluyong City. We believe its centralized position at the heart of Metro Manila gives it the advantage of being easily accessed from major residential and commercial districts.

About the Owner, Amanda

My love affair with sports started at the age of thirteen. I played football with my siblings first to fit in, and soon after, transcend in ways I never expected.

I traveled around Europe and Asia to compete in various football competitions. I played for three teams all throughout high school including the NCRFA team before traveling to San Diego for University.

Moving back to Manila in 2011 changed my life. I was able to play at a competitive level reminiscent of my high school days, however it bothered me because I was playing against the same faces. This frustration prompted me to form my first ever semi-professional soccer team called Sikat FC. This effort is meant to move and inspire more women out there to play the sport and increase the level of competition–hence the “pag-sikat ng araw” logo of my team.

Likewise, something inside of me did not want to stop at the formation of a soccer team. My passion to develop sports in the country grew so much since my return, and made me yearn to influence more people around me. I wanted everyone to start getting into sports and learn very holistic and useful values the way I did growing up. Thus, I auditioned to be the next GAMEPLAN host and won the “Host Search” challenge in November 2013. It was one of the best decisions of my life as I could now expose how fun sports, active living and wellness is at a much higher level! I also felt like God had finally aligned me with a group that shared the same passion as I did.

As a soccer player, having my own field was also a dream of mine. Not only so I could have access to it everyday, but also so my team could practice without any time restraints or limitations. Likewise, field space was my main cost as a manger, and knew, that doing commercials was not the most sustainable way of earning money to pay for practice. This is where the idea of an indoor soccer field blossomed and eventually grew to the vision it is today.

SPARTA was born on June 27, 2014. It took a lot of hard work, patience, and dedication to convince the board of directors to allow me to construct my own indoor sports facility. To some of them, there was no money in sports. It was my task to fuse business and passion under the same roof… and that’s just what I did.

Explore SPARTA. Take a look at our field, facilities, and activities.