Sparta | Sports And Recreational Training Arena
SPARTA is a one-stop sports, lifestyle and wellness center built for the highly competitive athlete.
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Our field features the first ever FIFA 1-star, 7-a-side soccer pitch in the Philippines. It is a 50x24.5m playing arena that will also accommodate other sports like Ultimate Frisbee, Flag Football,etc. whilst simulating a “natural grass” feel. We believe in incorporating quality facilities in SPARTA in order to enhance athletic performance.


SPARTA houses SPARTA Calisthenics Academy- the first indoor calisthenics facility in the Philippines, an outdoor competition arena, 360PRO, Maximus Triathletes Shop Cafe, as well as a separate studio for specialty fitness classes (e.g. Yoga, Kendo, Karate, Capoeira, Fluid Tactics, Filipino Martial Arts, and Jeet Kune Do). Complement your healthy lifestyle with healthy eating alternatives available on site.


SPARTA is located on Pioneer Street, Mandaluyong City. We believe its centralized position at the heart of Metro Manila gives it the advantage of being easily accessed from major residential and commercial districts.

Our Vision

SPARTA is a one-stop sports, lifestyle and wellness center built for the highly competitive athlete. It is destined to become the most influential one-stop sports facility in the Philippines through it’s centralized location, expert trainers and programs developed for those who aim to dominate the competition.


SPARTA’s law is to develop individuals into the best versions of themselves and transform the quality of their lives through fitness and active living. Our passion for this mission has inspired us to develop several facilities that will forge intense strength and character building in only ways that SPARTA can.

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